Wtiting Family Biography

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Wtiting Family Biography by Mind Map: Wtiting Family Biography

1. she is a strong woman figure, who works hard to raise, educate her children to be great people.

2. Events

2.1. Kaspawati was enrolled in a state elementary school in Sitapung,districts empat angkat,then she continued her school to Mtsn Panampung, after which she continued her studies at the State Religious Teacher Education (PGAN) Bukittinggi graduated in 1987-1988 Negeri Pasanehan, Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. And has also taught as a teacher for Al-Quran education (TPA) for 7 years

3. Reorientasi

4. Orientation

4.1. Kaspawati was born in Pekanbaru, December 12, 1968. She is the fourth of 10 children, she have 3 sons and 1 daughter