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DLT 2021 by Mind Map: DLT 2021

1. What do I really want?

1.1. What is most important and why?

1.1.1. Less stress- #1 Why?- because when my mind is healthy, everything flows from there Key relationships Health (mental, physical, spiritual) Success on the job

1.1.2. Time- #2 Why? Because trite as it sounds, time is the great equalizer! Clock time "Compass time"-- doing what is meaningful

1.1.3. Money- #3 Why? Because money is the fruit of doing my job well. It is the end result-- not the means Financial independence by doing something I love doing

2. What does DLT want?

2.1. Sales

2.1.1. How can I measure this? Hunter program Using WLC Program tracking in Smart

2.2. Getting the reps making calls on their own

2.2.1. How to best "get them on the field"? Motivation Make tools more interactive

3. How do I get there?

3.1. Control the wolves- encourage Cub/ discourage Piston

3.1.1. Encourage Cub

3.1.2. Reign in Piston

3.1.3. Come up with a workable plan for executing on the plan BILLABLE PROGRAM-- Keep within 30 billable hours per week-- making sure not to exceed that figure. Come up with an overall plan and present to DLT- start with Kirk How to get the reps "on the field?" HUNTER PROGRAM-- This has almost unlimited upside if done properly. Select five Federal and five SLED accounts to pursue Devote 10 hours

4. What is standing in the way?

4.1. Me- Not enough hours in the day

4.1.1. Being pulled into too many directions

4.1.2. Keeping DLT, Autodesk and partners with a feeling of value

4.2. DLT- the sales model is not functioning as well as it should be

4.2.1. Wny? DLT finds leads but channel and Autodesk don't appear to executing seemlessly