Ancient Civilizations

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Ancient Civilizations by Mind Map: Ancient Civilizations

1. Sumeria

1.1. Mesopotamia is part of the Fertile Crescent, Which is a big reigion in the Middle East.

1.2. The first used writing to keep track of stored goods.

1.3. After a war was over, the leader would be expected to give up his power and return to normal life.

2. Huang

2.1. All the villages that were down by the huang river would often form kingdoms.

2.2. Today, written Chinese has thousands of characters, making it challenging to learn.

2.3. The Shang kingdom rose to dominate a large part of the Chinese region to become the first documented Chinese Dynasty.

3. Indus

3.1. The river was great for growing crops, and when it flooded it left behind nice rich soil.

3.2. There are not enough examples of each of their writing symbols to understand it.

3.3. The Indus valley people had a strong central government, but, they have no royal statues or tombs that we know of.

4. Egypt

4.1. The land of Egypt is mostly desert like, but, when the Nile floods it makes the soil great to plant.

4.2. Ancient first writings were in hieroglyphics.

4.3. Ancient Egypts government was called a burenacy.