Ancient civilization

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Ancient civilization by Mind Map: Ancient civilization

1. Sumeria

1.1. The Middle East curved from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea.

1.2. Sumeria is the name given to the civilization that developed in the Mesopotamia region as city-states. The first leaders of Sumerian city- states were priests, not kings. Sumerian priests needed a system to keep track of their stored goods. At first they drew pictographs on clay. Pictographs are simple pictures that represent objects. To record the number of fish given to a temple, for example, Sumerian priests drew a fish. Then they added marks to represent the number of fish. In time, this way of keeping records developed into one of the world’s first systems of writing.

1.3. People of the Indus Valley were well organized. Their cities show a surprising level of planning. They all used a common system of weights and measures. These facts suggest that the Indus Valley people had a strong central government. Yet no royal statues or tombs have been found.

2. Huang

2.1. In 5000 B.C. farmers built the village in the valley and over time would create large villages into Kingdoms.

2.2. China did not use an alphabet instead they used characters but they were not all characters some were pictographs and they represented words and ideas later in 1300 B.C. they completely develop a whole righting system witch is still used today

2.3. From the early settlements along the Huang River, the Shang kingdom rose to dominate a large part of the region to become the first documented Chinese Dynasty. A dynasty is a ruling family that holds power for many years. Rule passed from brother to brother and from the youngest brother to his oldest son. The Shang leaders organized groups of farmers to clear and prepare new land.

3. Indus

3.1. One of the first civilizations was in India and they farmed around the river and they grew lot of food and got more people.

3.2. There writing began because they needed someone to keep track of all the gifts that were given to the king so they needed a mark to keep track and eventual people understood what they meant and that is how there writing started

3.3. Scholars have not yet discovered how to read the symbols found on the stone seals and pottery of the Indus Valley. So they formed a government so that if some graduate you were able to read the symbols for the king

4. Egypt

4.1. Egypt was one of the worlds first best civilizations because it had rich soil and a good water source and without the Nellie river it would not as good as it was.

4.2. Ancient Egyptians developed early forms of writing by 3200 B.C. At around the same time, Sumerians were developing their own system of writing. Scholars aren’t sure who developed writing first. Egyptian writing used hieroglyphics.

4.3. The pharaohs relied on a Bureaucracy, or a system of offices and officials that handle the business of government. The bureaucracy collected taxes from farmers. Farmers paid these taxes mainly in the form of surplus crops. The bureaucracy took some of this surplus for itself. It distributed the rest to priests, to the pharaoh, and to artisans and merchants who worked for the pharaoh. Egypt’s bureaucracy and system of taxation were a model for later governments, including those of today.