Chocolate Game Ideas

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Chocolate Game Ideas by Mind Map: Chocolate Game Ideas

1. Noughts & Crosses

1.1. Except you have to answer a chocolate question correctly to choose your move.

2. Hook a Duck

2.1. On the bottom of the duck there will be a fact on chocolate, if you choose a duck that has a certain fact on the bottom, you win a chocolaty prize.

3. Snap

3.1. But instead of playing cards it is cards with chocolate facts and processes.

4. Temple Run

4.1. Instead of coin you collect chocolate and the peson running is a chocolatier. You receive a chocolate fact when you die.

5. Fruit Ninja

5.1. Fruit ninja but instead of fruit you have chocolate, and instead of swords you have to use a chocolate making equipment eg whisk. When you die you receive a chocolate fact on the screen.

6. Chocolate Cottage

6.1. A board game that has a cottage with a windy path coming out of it. Roll the dice to move, each space has a certain colour. The colour you land on has a corresponding colour card, the card has a choc fact and dare. Reach the end of the windy path first to win.

7. Operation

7.1. But with a chocolate bar shape not a human. you have to get all the ingredients of chocolate out of the bar; this teaches people what ingredients are needed in choclate

8. Snakes and Ladders

8.1. But instead of snakes it's wrong weather and instead of ladders it's chocolate ingredients to make the chocolate.