The Simple Tools Needed To An Online Training Business

These are easy to use tools that will allow you to have an automated online training business

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The Simple Tools Needed To An Online Training Business by Mind Map: The Simple Tools Needed To An Online Training Business

1. Zoom Web Conferencing

1.1. Pricing

1.2. For 1 on 1 Coaching

1.3. Small Group Coaching

1.4. Record to the cloud for more options

1.5. Allows for Playback Page and Link of Recorded Sessions

2. MindMapping with MindMeister

2.1. Allows you to keep your thoughts organized

2.2. Great to use as a Research Tool

2.3. Ability to teach from it

2.4. Can give to leads, customers, clients as a lead magnet

2.5. Great way to document your sales funnels

3. Calendly

3.1. Easy to Use scheduling system

3.2. Integrates easily with Google or Other Calendars

3.3. Can send text reminders for appointments

3.4. Automatically sends out a zoom link with scheduling confirmation email

3.5. Can configure follow up emails

3.6. Can create Group Session registrations

3.7. Can integrate Stripe and/or PayPal

4. Ways To Collect Payments

4.1. Business Paypal Account

4.1.1. Invoice

4.1.2. Integrated into another Platform

4.2. Stripe

5. LearnWorlds

5.1. All in Marketing Platform

5.2. Includes

5.2.1. Video Hosting & Editor

5.2.2. Built In Membership Site No need to pay for an additional membership platform

5.2.3. Landing and Funnel Pages

6. Teachable

6.1. Pricing

6.1.1. Pro Package Is The Best Option

6.2. Features

6.2.1. Native Integration With Calendly

6.2.2. Unlimited students, file hosting, affiliates, etc

6.2.3. Flexible Pricing Options to Offer Your Students

6.2.4. A 2048-bit SSL certificate keeps your students' information secure

6.2.5. 24/7 monitoring so outages don’t knock you out.

6.2.6. Coaching functionality that allows you to manage one-on-one coaching relationships by scheduling time, scheduling video calls, and sharing assignments with your clients.

6.2.7. Mobile App to make consuming your course(s) on the go so much easier for your students

6.3. Benefits

6.3.1. Ability to Run An Affiliate Program

6.3.2. A Backoffice that handles refunds and other admin functions on your behalf Collection of Necessary Forms

7. Resources

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7.3. Coaching Sessions

7.3.1. Technology Coaching

7.4. MindMeister Mind Mapping Software

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