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Scenario 1 by Mind Map: Scenario 1

1. 1. Do you think you have sufficient evidence to draw any conclusions about Romeo's sexual orientation at this time?

1.1. Yes, there is sufficient evidence to draw any conclusion about Romeo’s sexual orientation at this time because Romeo is already exposed to a lot of experiences and situations wherein, he can think about his sexual orientation. This is because he is already 17 years old and is an adolescent. Additionally, he stated, “I think I am homosexual.”

2. 2. Describe an underlying assumption about each of the following.

2.1. Sexual Orientation in adolescents

2.1.1. Most adolescents consider themselves as heterosexuals. However, due to various external factors, some adolescents tend to consider themselves homosexuals. Others may have been influenced by their friends or have been exposed to certain things that allowed them to discover who they truly are. As for the homosexuals, they are the ones who usually experience the most discrimination from the adolescents.

2.2. Society's reactions to homosexuality

2.2.1. The society usually belittles or underestimates the capabilities of the homosexuals or the part of the LGB community. This is because of the stigma of that same sex intercourse can lead to the development of STIs and HIV/AIDS. In the Philippine setting, we often hear people blame homosexuals for the occurrence of unfortunate events even though they did not do anything wrong. Some even refer to them as “salot sa buhay” or someone who brings bad luck and negativities, and causes trouble.

2.3. Health care barriers to homosexuality

2.3.1. There is discrimination on the health care for the homosexuals or part of the LGB community. This causes the people who are part of the LGB community to be hesitant in going to healthcare facilities to reveal their sexual orientation to healthcare providers because they are often the victims of bullying, family rejection, and sexual assault.

3. 3. What implications and priorities to nursing care can be drawn at this time?

3.1. Be an ally

3.2. Create a welcoming environment

3.3. Deliver quality care without bias

3.4. Ensure comfortability of homosexuals

3.5. Promote sensitive, confidential communication

3.6. Protect the members of the LGB community