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Trains by Mind Map: Trains

1. Development

1.1. Steam trains

1.2. Guages

1.3. Electric Trains

1.4. Diesel Trains

2. Materials

2.1. Casting Engine

2.2. Casting steel tracks

2.3. Engine Types

2.3.1. Steam Simple Steam Engine Compound Steam engine

2.3.2. Diesel

2.3.3. Electic

3. Environmental Effects

3.1. Allways a negative effect

3.2. Always along/ through the ground, leaving a massive adverse effect on environment

3.3. Trains are better for the environment than trucks, because of the congestion on the road

4. Effects on human life

4.1. Steam Train - Alternative to horse and cart

4.2. Railway systems - ability for people to travel across country meaning a boom in smaller towns

4.3. Train - Important war tool WWI and WWII

4.4. Diesel train - less pollution, greater relibility, quicker times

4.5. Electric rail - Air quality

4.6. High-speed trains cut transport times

4.7. Well designed - solultion to trafic problems