the industrial revolution in the UK

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the industrial revolution in the UK by Mind Map: the industrial revolution in the UK

1. Why was UK the beginning of the Industrial Revolution?

1.1. They were the first ones to start the use of railroads, to move their material quickly.

1.2. They found out new ways they could work with steel and coal.

1.3. Some colonies started marketing manufactured goods.

2. The change on the way of working the farms.

2.1. Farmers that worked the plants and seed got replaced by machines, making them go to cities and search for jobs in the Industrial Revolution.

2.2. Machines were created and the job of the machines were to maje seed sown faster.

3. Most impacting inventions in the Industrial Revolution.

3.1. Britains first canal

3.2. world first railroad

3.3. Machines for farms

4. Population Growth

4.1. People started moving from villages and farms to cities.

4.2. People were obligated to look for jobs because there were lots of people jobless because most of them were farmers.

4.3. human and animal labour was replaced by steam.

5. The change on the way people lived their lives.

5.1. Cities started becoming unsanitized.

5.2. There were lots of people moving in to cities, so it started getting crowded.