Shooting Mechanism Project

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Shooting Mechanism Project by Mind Map: Shooting Mechanism Project

1. Idea

1.1. Name of shooting mechanism

1.1.1. Ping pong launcher

1.2. Materials used

1.2.1. Short pencil

1.2.2. 2 rubber bands

1.2.3. 2 toilet paper tubes

1.2.4. Duct Tape

1.3. Tools used

1.3.1. Scissors

1.3.2. Single hole puncher

2. Procedure

2.1. Cut slits into paper tube

2.2. rollin a paper tube into a smaller diameter

2.3. Punching holes into the small paper tube

2.4. Putting a pencil in the hole of the small tube

2.5. Atachhing rubber band between the outer tube and the pencil in the inner tube

3. How it will work?

3.1. Put the ball into the large tube

3.2. Stretch the small tube and let it go

4. Questions

4.1. What is the budget?

4.1.1. 100 Le

4.2. How can we improve the project

4.2.1. Make the tubes from plastic instead of paper

4.2.2. Get stronger rubber bands

4.2.3. Make the inner tube larger so the ball does not get stuck

4.3. How we will divide chores

4.3.1. Each team member will be given a cetain goal to achieve

5. Team members

5.1. Omar gasser

5.2. Khaled sherif

5.3. Mohamed mourad

5.4. Omar Darwish

5.5. Marawan Fayed