The Thing Around Your Neck

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The Thing Around Your Neck by Mind Map: The Thing Around Your Neck

1. Symbolism

1.1. The thing around your neck

1.1.1. "At night something would wrap itself around your neck, something that very nearly choked you before you fell asleep" "The thing that wrapped itself around your neck, that nearly hoked you before you fell asleep, started to loosen, to let go"

1.1.2. Scarf Gave as an apology to Akunna He could buy resent that were only presents, nothing else, nothing useful

1.2. Brown envelope

1.2.1. "Never needed to pay for an A"

1.2.2. Used to transfer money, sent monthly to the family Half of the month's earning

1.2.3. Envelopes only used to send aid, never wrote a letter in "white envelopes" there was nothing to write about "You wrote home finally" wanted to write about lots o surprising thing but wanted to hide the bad aspects, sustaining the good vision of her in America

1.3. Fortune cookie with blank papers

1.3.1. Date with Green eyes man

1.3.2. Blank papers could represent that the future was now unpredictable

1.4. Goodbye America

1.4.1. After the death of her father Going back to Africa without the Green Eyes man

1.4.2. Father had a good funeral Wealthness coming from America and her A tight hug for the good thing in America and a goodbye for the bad things, the family needed her, so as she needed the family

2. Characters

2.1. Uncle

2.1.1. Not related by blood "He was actually brother of your father's sister´s husband, not related by blood"

2.1.2. Presented as a good, joyful person in the begging, revealing himself as an abuser moments later. Suffocating sensation of treason and disillusion

2.2. Juan, the manager

2.2.1. Inky black hair, golden tooth

2.2.2. Acceptance at the restaurants informal job

2.2.3. Restaurant used as the channel of communication between Akunna and the Green eyes man

2.3. Green eyes man

2.3.1. "was the only thing you loved, truly loved, in America"

2.3.2. Senior at state university

2.3.3. Did not show ignorance toward Africa in general, showed interest and comprehensiveness

2.3.4. Abandoned studies to travel and discover himself

2.4. American representations

2.4.1. Community schools students

2.4.2. Green eyes man father's

2.5. Protagonist

2.5.1. Akunna First mentioned in the dialogue with the Green Eyes man

2.5.2. You were used to accepting what life gave

3. Desilusion

3.1. American Dream

3.1.1. "You thought everybody in America had a car and a gun; Your uncles and aunts and cousins thoughts so, too."

3.1.2. "He picked you up at the airport and bought you a big hot dog with yellow mustard that nauseated you. Introduction to America" Representation of how the main ideas of America were seen by her America was give-and-take, you gave up a lot, but you gained a lot too

3.2. Used as a tool for diversity

3.2.1. "He told you that the company he worked for had offered him a few thousand more than the average salary plus stocks option because they were desperately triyng to look diverse"

3.2.2. "was worth living in an all white town even though his wife had to drive an hour to find a hair salon that did black hair" No inclusion "They ask where you learned to speak english and if you had real houses back in Africa..." "Your uncle told you to expect it; a mixture of ignorance and arrogance, he called it. Racism Chinese man at Chang's restaurant were they used to go on dates

3.3. Uncle's house

3.3.1. Referred as a safe-place in initial moments "They spoke igbo and ate garri for lunch, and it was like home" Abuse/Harassment "If you let him, he would do many things for you. Smart women did it all the time" Used as a switch to the character's development as independent and worker in the restaurant

4. Stylistic choices

4.1. Character POV

4.1.1. 2nd person Suffocating senstaion

4.2. Metaphor to the thing around our neck and motifs in the whole collection

4.3. Indirect interior monologue

4.3.1. Approaches the character from a Narrator that represent 100% of actions and ideas surrounding the character's environment

4.4. Characters represent general ideas, some don't even have a name, showing how what they represent is much more important then what they are as individual

4.4.1. The only one we're presented with singular characteristics is the Green eyes man, which do not fit were it was generalized before

4.5. Use of physical objects and symbolism to represent outer ideas not 100% evident