Soft Skills

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Soft Skills by Mind Map: Soft Skills

1. Introduction

1.1. "Soft skills get little respect but they will make or break your career”

1.2. character traits and interpersonal skills for interact with others.

1.3. can communicate effectively, can increase creativity and improve time management

2. main idea 1

2.1. can communicate effectively

2.1.1. Supporting detail

2.1.2. communicate all people from around the world

2.1.3. Eg: instagram, Facebook and etc

3. main idea 2

3.1. can increase creativity

4. main idea 3

4.1. improve time management

5. conclusion

5.1. study skills can give many advantages to many people and it also can by any kind either young or old as long they use it in good way

5.2. can effectively help people

5.3. everyone can use it for future

5.4. build positive relationship