🌸Generic structure🌸

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🌸Generic structure🌸 by Mind Map: 🌸Generic structure🌸

1. ✨Background events✨

1.1. In Tangerang distance learning start on march.Due to the difficulty of the internet network,the government created hotspot access for students to do their assignments

1.2. 💜All school in Indonesia are closed due to the Covid 19 outbreak. So that teachers come from village tovillage to teach students who are difficult to learn due to internet networks and electonic devices by complying with the Covid 19 health protocol💜

2. ✨Source✨

2.1. 🗣️"Thank you to the ministry of education and cultural and the teachers who come to teach us and I hope the Covid 19 pandemic will be over and soon"

3. ✨Newsworthy✨

3.1. Indonesian teachers struggle with distance learning