Ancient Civilizations

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Ancient Civilizations by Mind Map: Ancient Civilizations

1. Sumeria

1.1. Sumeria's Government: The first leader of Sumeria/ Mesopotamia was priest. They were priest not Kings. If arguments lead to war the priest would choose the best military person to lead and when the war was over then the priest would have to give up his power and return to a normal life. The military soilder would become the first King of Sumeria

1.2. Sumeria's Geography: Sumeria would have wars if they were fighting over land/water and the Priest would choose the best military leader to fight for land.

1.3. Sumeria Writing: First they drew pictographs on clay. (Pictographs are basically drawing) Then, the priest came up with a new system of writing called Cuneiform. Cuneiform are triangular symbols that they use to write.

1.3.1. Unique Attribute: The priest rules the country, not a king or Pharaoh.

2. Egypt

2.1. Egypt Government: Egypt created the first kings or Pharaoh of Egypt. Pharaohs relied on a system called Bureaucracy. Bureaucracy was a system where officials would take care of the government. Bureaucracy takes care of the farmer's taxes. The farmers would send surplus which the Bureaucracy would give to priest.

2.2. Egypt's Land: In the 3,000's 2 kingdoms merged together. They think Narmer did this.

2.3. Egypt's Writing: Egypt's writing system is called Hieroglyphic. They aren't very sure who created Hieroglyphic's because there are not many details. Most Egyptians didn't know how to write, only scribes did.

2.3.1. Unique Attribute: Egypt doesn't know how to write words only scribes or officials do.

3. Huang

3.1. Huang's government: Huang's government has something called a dynasty. A dynasty is a family that rules the country for a while. They hold power for a long time.

3.2. Huang's Geography: Huang's leaders would make groups with farmers to plant crops and land. With the extra food, they would give it to the soldiers. (Huang was in China)

3.3. Huang's Writing: Huang used Pictographs to represent words or ideas. They also used Oracle Bones. Oracle bones are animal shells or bones with pictures on them.

3.3.1. Unique Attribute: Huang uses Oracle bones to write, which is pretty cool

4. Indus

4.1. Indus Government: No one really knows what Indus government is all everyone knows is Kings didn't rule. But they did have this thing called a citadel, which was a raised platform made with bricks so floods and attackers wouldn't get in. Some people think this was a center for government.

4.2. Indus Geography: Again we know nothing about there country. So all we really know is Indus is in Iraq and has the Tigris river in it.

4.3. Indus Writing: For Indus they would put symbols on pottery and some people think that those signs are there way of writing but there are too few examples to really know.

4.3.1. Unique Attribute: Indus doesn't have many examples for us to conclude anything about there country.

5. Conceptual Question: What does geography have to do with the Ancient Civialzations Writing and Geography