Help collaboration between countries to exchange medical data/practices

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Help collaboration between countries to exchange medical data/practices by Mind Map: Help collaboration between countries to exchange medical data/practices

1. medical data

1.1. resource 1

1.1.1. What is Medical Data? - Definition & Types | definiton: refers to health-related information that is associated with regular patient care or as part of a clinical trial program---from the next article What i know: when we go to the doctor, as a patient, we are cured by doctors, the process during the treat, we also give the information to the doctors, and they collect this record and maybe make full use of it. type of medical data electronic health records administrative data claims data patient/disease registries health surveys clinical trial data

1.2. resource 4

1.2.1. how we collect the medical data? From USF Health: what i know: each hospital with electronic medical data system will have their own database, and the medical data is really good, but also it is influenced by the languages, ethics and other factors, so there will be a long way for us to develop a global medical data system to help people receive more helpful treat.

1.3. resource 5

1.3.1. medical data analysis From Medical Big Data Analysis in Hospital Information System | IntechOpen what i know: medical data analysis is based on the development of techonology, medical data analysis can help doctors spend less time in integrating the data, searching the basic rule...

2. medical practices

2.1. resource 6

2.1.1. Can be found in wikipedia: Definition:medical practice what i know: the simple definition of the medical practice can be explained as meaningful practice of medicine.

2.1.2. Types of Medical Practices | From ACP what i know: There are mainly three types of medical practices in our daily life: solo practice; employed physician practices; group practices. Also there are other types of medical practices, each one has their own characteres.

3. medical collaboration

3.1. there is no direct definition of medical collaboration, but i find the collaboration in healthcare

3.1.1. collaboration in healthcare resource 7 From google: Professional Communication and Team Collaboration

3.2. An actual case of medical collaboration from Youtube "Aligned: an integrated, collaborative approach to treatment"

3.2.1. what i know: The medical treatment is really advanced a lot, but we also need to strengthen the collaboration between each medical branch to solve some complex cases.

4. international collaboration in medical field

4.1. resource 8

4.1.1. A specific case in international collaboration in cancer:International collaboration on cancer what i know: gather all the power toghther and make the impossible become possible

4.2. Does there have the difficulties during this process, and if have, how can we solve them?

4.2.1. cultural differences recource 9 From TED: Cross cultural communication | Pellegrino Riccardi | TEDxBergen

4.2.2. distant communication what i know: we can solve it by remote communication application; we can work as a team in a medical reasearch center. In my opinion, this problem is easier but also need to solve, because sometimes the treatment needs golden time to save patients' lives But now we are facing the COVID-19, so maybe it will become a problem for our collaboration between countries

4.3. Benifits of international collaboration in medical field

4.3.1. resource 10 From CCRM Australia: International collaboration to advance medical technologies and treatments for patients in Australia what i know: it is a case in international collaboration to advance medical techonologies and treatments in Australia, so it is clear that although there are difficulties in organise the international collaboration, it is also benificial

5. So we have already used the technology in medical domaine, it helps us form the medical data, simplify the treatment and promote quality healthcare, but the collaboration between countries are not so easy, exchanging medical data and medical practices is benificial but we are short of the systematic organization to support it, and the information of medical data will be more useful.

6. problematic theme: how can we reduce the barriers between countries to promotemedical data exchange

7. medical data exchange

7.1. the relationship between medical data exchange and patient management

7.1.1. Does Medical Data Exchange Improve Patient Management? what i know: the medical data exchange can really help do the patient management

7.1.2. Actually, we have mentioned that in the medical data part, we have the medical data and we exchange it, and then it will funciton well

7.2. From Healthcare IT News: The barriers to health data exchange that are exacerbating the coronavirus pandemic

7.2.1. what i know: considering the special situation with COVID-19, the medical data exchange becomes more and more important, it will be more convenient if we have the system of medical data exchange