The hate u give - Angie Thomas

Mindmap over het boek: The hate u give van Angie Thomas

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The hate u give - Angie Thomas by Mind Map: The hate u give - Angie Thomas

1. A lot of people were rallying but it didn't help to get justice for khalil.

2. Starr

2.1. At the age of 10 she saw her best friend getting killed. After that she and her brothers need to go to the school Williamson. A school with white people.

2.2. One night she goes to a party and later that night she sees her other best friend get killed. After that she had to tell the police what happened. And after a lot of hassle, Khalil has got no justice.

2.3. 16-year-old black girl.

2.4. She has a white boyfriend, Chris

2.5. Family: she has a mother and a father. One little brother and one half big brother. Her half brother has two little sisters.She has an uncle and aunt and 2 little cousins. Last but not least she has a grandma.

2.5.1. Her dad was in jail for 3 years. Uncle Carlos became her second dad.

2.6. At Williamson she has two best friends. In the book she loses one best friend because she is racist and selfish. And she's just a bitch.

3. Khalil

3.1. Best friend's with Starr

3.2. The boy who got killed by a police officer

3.3. He sold drugs to get his mom of her debts.

3.4. His mom was a drugg addict

4. The murder

4.1. Khalil and Starr ran away from the party they were at because there were gunshots. A police officer stopped them. They did everything the cop told them to do. He said to Khalil to get out of the car and Khalil did, with violent help from the officer. The officer pushed him to the ground and the officer walked to his car to check something. Khalil opened his car door to ask if Starr was okay. The cop saw that and he saw a black brush which he thought was a gun. Then the cop shot Khalil three times in the back

4.2. After Khalil got killed, Starr ran to him and hold him till his last breath.

4.3. The officer held starr at gunpoint until reinforcements arrived.

5. Justice for Khalil

5.1. That didn't come

5.1.1. Starr had a couple of interviews where she was unknown to tell everyone what really happened that night.

5.2. Starr had to go to court. After a couple of weeks the results came. The police officer doesn't get any punishment. No justice for Khalil.

5.3. The last rally got out of hand

5.3.1. Lot of things got destroyed

6. Good neighborhood

6.1. The family of Starr moved to a good neighborhood after the threats got to bad.

6.2. They moved to a neighborhood were a lot of white people were. Just a couple of black people.

6.3. Uncle Carlos already lived in a good neighborhood, not the same as the family of Starr moved to, but they're close.