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1. 1 in 11 children are affected by poor education in America, which can lead to them not having a job, which will lead to no money, which will lead to poverty

1.1. many agencies are fighting poor education and poverty but it is still a very common thing

2. No access to food/water

2.1. anyone can be affected by water/food scarcity

2.1.1. water agencies in city's have to deal with this but people have to watch how much water they use

3. Difficult to find reliable jobs

3.1. mostly young people who were not born in the times where our economy was good are being affected, because we will have to live paycheck to paycheck lives

3.1.1. our government needs to watch the inflation of money and needs to try to make things more affordable

4. Violent environments

4.1. people who are affected are the direct victims of it, their family members and all the members of that society

4.1.1. generally the family of the person who is violent is responsible in some way but it is also the conditions they live in, which would be the government's fault because generally people turn violent in run-down communities

5. Very little government aid

5.1. immigrants, homeless people and those who don't have a steady income

5.1.1. the government is responsible for this but sadly they don't seem to be doing much

6. Poor education