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1. Stepfather/ Stepmother

1.1. Stepdaughter/ Stepson ( con gái/ trai riêng của c/v)

1.2. Stepsister/ Stepbrother( con gái/ trai của bố dượng/ mẹ kế)

1.3. Half-sister/ Half-brother( ae/ ce cùng cha khác mẹ/ cùng mẹ khác cha)

2. Members

2.1. Great-grandfather/ Great-grandmother

2.1.1. Grandfather/ Grandmother Uncle/ Aunt Father/ Mother Brother/ Sister Son/ Daughter Sibling

2.1.2. Great-uncle/ Great- aunt

2.2. Godmother/ Godfather/ Godson/ Goddaughter

2.3. Father-in-law/ Mother-in-law

2.3.1. Daughter-in-law/ Son-in-law( con dâu/ con rể)

2.3.2. Sister-in-law/ Brother-in-law( ce dâu/ ae rể)

3. Kinds of family

3.1. Nuclear family

3.2. Immediate family

3.3. Extended family

3.4. Single Parent Family

3.5. Childless Family

4. Relationships

4.1. Verbs

4.1.1. Possitive Have sth in common Get along with sb =Get on well with sb =Live in harmony

4.1.2. Negative Conflict Be in opposition Come into conflict Clash Break down

4.2. Nouns

4.2.1. Family gathering =Get-together =Family reunion

4.2.2. Carefree childhood

4.2.3. Troubled childhood

4.3. Adjectives

4.3.1. Close-knit(adj) family

4.3.2. Abusive

4.3.3. Savage

4.3.4. Inhuman

4.3.5. Dysfunctional(adj) family

4.3.6. Cold-blooded

5. Idioms

5.1. Like father, like son

5.2. Flesh and blood (máu mủ ruột rà)

5.3. Blood is thicker than water (một giọt máu đào hơn ao nước lã)

5.4. Men make houses, women make homes (đàn ông xây nhà, đàn bà xây tổ ấm)

5.5. Apple doesn’t fall far from tree (Con nhà tông, không giống lông cũng giống cánh)