The Treatment

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The Treatment by Mind Map: The Treatment

1. Techniques

1.1. analysis of dreams

1.1.1. Dream 1: House is on fire Dora 1. Mother's Jewel-case 2. Father saves her 3. Return present to Herr K. 4. Smelling smoke Freud 1. Mother= Dora, Jewel-case = vagina --> Danger of Herr K. 2. Father = Herr K. (feeling in their opposite) 3. Repressing sexual attraction 4. Smoke = longing to kiss a man (Herr K. + Father + Freud= smokers )

1.1.2. Dream 2: Father's death misses father's funeral She can't find or reach the station. fantasy of revenge

1.2. Transference

1.2.1. Projecting emotions on to the physician.

1.2.2. conclusion: Dora in love with Herr K. --> In love with Freud

1.3. Free association

1.3.1. Dora vague and unclear

1.3.2. Telling what's on the pacient's mind. chain of associations better knowlegde

2. End

2.1. dora stopped the treatment

2.2. reavenge op Herr K.

2.3. Freud thought he could solve the case

3. psychoanalysis

3.1. dialogue between a patient and the psychoanalyst