Conflict in TKAM and American History. Correctly punctuate and cite each quote, then give an expl...

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Conflict in TKAM and American History. Correctly punctuate and cite each quote, then give an explanation of how this builds the conflict throughout the novel. by Mind Map: Conflict in TKAM and American History. Correctly punctuate and cite each quote, then give an explanation of how this builds the conflict throughout the novel.

1. Character vs. Nature: 1 TKAM, 1 American History

1.1. TKAM: "... he had cut the tops off every camellia bush Mrs. Dubose owned.." This quite literally shows a character vs. nature. Really what it shows is Jem going against himself, his own nature to destroying an old lady's flowers. Scout was the one to usually have such an outburst but it was Jem this time. This builds conflict because Jem is going to have consequences for his actions.

1.2. American History: "'The President is dead, you idiots.'" This quote is an example of character vs. nature. The President was dead which could not be controlled. This builds inner conflict for Elena. After finding out the news, she is almost excited. When she goes to Eugene's house his mother breaks her heart and instead of crying that night for her dead President, she cried for herself. Conflicted herself, knowing that it wasn't right.

2. Character vs. Society: 1 TKAM, 1 American History

2.1. TKAM: "'They c'n go loose and rape up the countryside for all 'em who run this country care..,'" This quote shows how society is. People in Scout and Jems' town are races. They know that Atticus is defending a black man and they hate it. They take it out on his children in words like this. This builds conflict for the children because they don't necessarily know what rape is. It is very inappropriate to sat in front of kids.

2.2. American History: "'He cannot study with you.'" This shows character vs. society. Elena wants to study with Eugene but his mother views him as smart, smarter than her. Society doesn't want her and Eugene together. His mom also says "'.. no need for his to get close with anyone.." This causes conflict for Elena because it seems as though the relationship that once was there between Eugene and her, will no longer continue because of his mothers words.

3. Character vs. Character: 2 TKAM, 1 American History

3.1. TKAM 2: "' Then you say she's lying, boy?'" This shows character vs. character because it was Tom's word against Mayella's. This builds conflict int he story because the desion is left for the jury to decide who really did what.

3.1.1. TKAM 1: "Mr. Bob Ewell stopped Atticus on the post office corner, spat in his face, and told him he'd get him if it took the rest of his life." This shows character vs. character because Mr. Ewell just threatened Atticus. This builds conflict beause you never know when he might try and do somthing for what it is.

3.2. American History: "'You are forgetting who you are Niña... You are heading for humiliation and pain.'" This shows character vs. character because Elena's mother is challenging her and trying to help her understand but Elena decides to ignore her mother anyway. This builds the conflict because we see her mother is speaking from experience so the reader is now suspenseful. She was then humiliated, and in pain in the end all because she didn't pay attention enough to her mothers words.

4. Character vs. Self: 2 TKAM, 1 American History

4.1. TKAM 2: "'.. if i didn't I couldn't hold up my head in town..,'" This shows character vs. self. You can tell that Atticus has thought a great deal about this trial and it is a big part of his life. This builds conflict because Atticus knows what he has to do and its going to have an effect on not only his life but his whole family's life.

4.1.1. TKAM 1: "'I'm goin' after 'em..," Jem is having inner conflict with himself and he doesn't want to get in trouble, so once it was time for them to be asleep he sneaked out to get his pants. This builds conflict because he almost got shot the last time so we don't know if he would make it back or not.

4.2. American History: "But the tears that came up from a deep source inside of me were strictly for me." This reveals conflict in Elena's self and how she understands that something isn't right with her, that she is not supposed to be feeling a certain way of giving the circumstances. This builds more inner conflict because she, again, realizes it's not right for her to be crying over herself. There are way more important things to cry about at the moment.