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1. Innovators

1.1. They are like a unicorn. Crazy but they change the world.

2. Late Majority

2.1. Is the most succesful

2.2. Stay in confort zone

2.3. Don't make something new

3. Early Majority

3.1. Go out of the confort zone

3.2. Pioneer latest technologies

3.3. They take higher risk but also benefits from higher returns

4. Early Adopters

4.1. They are braves and go out of their confort zone

4.1.1. Are the ones that takes risks besides the innovators

4.1.2. They use the latest technology to make their products

4.1.3. They take higher risks but they benefit of higher returns

4.2. They don't change the world as innovators do, but they do they part

5. Why sometimes bussines fail?

5.1. Here are some reasons

5.2. They only want to stay in their confort zone

5.3. Affraid to innovate

5.3.1. If they announce a new product, is the same as the lat one or even wrost

5.4. Clients get bored because of the repetitive products

6. Businesses that made this mistakes

6.1. Xerox

6.1.1. Nokia Blackberry Polaroid

7. Laggards

7.1. Underestimated the importance of their products

7.1.1. Stayed in their confort zone Didn't made inversions when they had the oportunity


8.1. Vision and leathership

8.1.1. Sense of urgency Early followers Plan and Incentive

9. 6 needs

9.1. Needs of personalities

9.2. Needs of spirit

10. :)

10.1. Security

10.1.1. Diversity Significance Connection and love

11. (:

11.1. Growth

11.1.1. Contribution