Exclamatory Sentences

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Exclamatory Sentences by Mind Map: Exclamatory Sentences

1. X-element as subject

1.1. What an enormous crowd came !

2. X-element as object

2.1. What a time we had today !

3. resemble 'wh' questions

3.1. involving initial placement of an 'wh' element

3.2. X element may be object. complement, subject, adverbial or subject

3.2.1. taken from its usual position and put into a position of initial prominenece

3.3. there is no subject operator inversion

4. X-element as adverbial

4.1. How I used to hate geography

5. X element as complement

5.1. How delightful her manners are !

6. X element can also act as a prepositional complement

6.1. what a mess we are in !