Child Health in the 21st Century

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Child Health in the 21st Century by Mind Map: Child Health in the 21st Century

1. Goal 1: Promoting the Best Healthcare for Infants, Children and Youth

1.1. 1. Establish Child Health Commissioner for Canada

1.1.1. CMA - Child Health Expert Roundtable

1.1.2. Leitch Report - Reaching for the Top

1.2. 2. Advocate to Policy Makers for Children's Healthcare Needs

1.3. 3. Support Efforts to Improve Health Human Resource Data

1.3.1. PCC - Workforce Database

1.3.2. CPS - Models of Care


1.3.4. Health Canada

1.3.5. CCYHC - Health Human Resource Project

1.4. 4. Develop an Inventory of Best and Promising Practice Interdisciplinary, Family-Centred Models

1.4.1. CAPHC - Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN)

1.4.2. PCC-CPSI - Patient Safety Competencies Project

1.4.3. PCC - PUPDOC

1.5. 5. Develop a Handbook for Paediatricians or Family Physicians on Navigating the Provincial Health Systems.

1.6. 6. Implement Flexible Education Curricula for Paediatric and Family Medicine on Current Health Priorities for Children

1.6.1. PCC - PUPDOC

1.7. 7. Examine Impact of Physician Funding Models and Innovative Secondary Paediatric Care

1.7.1. PCC Research Group

1.7.2. CPS??

2. Goal 2: Improve the Health of Vulnerable Populations

2.1. 8. Develop Paediatric Education Modules that involve Infants, Children, Youth and Families, and Focus on Vulnerable Populations

2.2. 9. Develop a High Level Report Highlighting the Disparities in Child Healthcare in Canada

2.2.1. Leitch Report - Reaching for the Top

2.3. 10. Validate Existing Health Indicators That Will Improve the Delivery of Services to Vulnerable Populations

2.3.1. CAPHC - Accreditation Canada MOU

2.3.2. CIHR RFP

2.4. 11. Incorporate New and Emerging Issues into Paediatric Education Related to Vulnerable Populations

2.4.1. PCC-CPSI Patient Safety Competencies Project

3. Goal 3: Improve Access to Mental Healthcare

3.1. 12. Support the work of the Infant, Child and Youth Mental Health Consoritum

3.1.1. Ongoing support of the Infant, Child and Youth Mental Health Consortium

3.2. 13. Improve the Infant, Child and Youth Mental Health Content in Paediatric Residency Education

3.2.1. PCC - PUPDOC

4. Goal 4: Improve Interdisciplinary Cooperation & Collaboration

4.1. 14. Publish a Interdisciplinary Care Themed Issue in Paediatrics and Child Health

4.1.1. CPS Journal - Paediatrics and Child Health

4.2. 15. Advocate for the Development of Interactive Inter-Professional Workshops and Seminars in Infant, Child and Youth Care

4.2.1. CAPHC Annual Conference

4.2.2. CPS - AdvancingIn Paediatric Health

4.2.3. CAPHC Webinar Series

4.3. 16. Host an Annual Session that Address Interdisciplinary Best Practices

4.3.1. CAPHC Annual Conference

4.4. 17. Request a Paediatric Representative on the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and College of Family Physicians of Canada Joint Committee

4.4.1. Complete

4.5. 18. Develop a Model of Interdisciplinary Infant, Youth and Child Care to Incorporate into Education Curricula

4.5.1. AFMC- Accreditation of Inter-Professional Education (AIPHE)

4.5.2. NaHSSA

4.5.3. Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC)

4.6. 19. CIHR and the CCYHC to develop an RFP to Evaluate Interdisciplinary Care Models