Classroom Management

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6. "VIDEO CALLING STUDENTS" - Online learning is similar to video-calling with your friends, but it's different in the way where we have to think about the learning involved in it. So, as educators, we have to be able to help our students be successful in this environment.

7. "SPEAKING TO YOUR STUDENTS" - We have to remember that with online learning, everything is a bit different, so relying on the same routine with in-person classes will not work as well. We need to be able to communicate with them better, especially at these times.

8. *TECHNIQUES* + We can individually message students while we do the online class to avoid disruption to the entire class. + Give the students more time to communicate with you (Set time aside for the end of class). + Minimize or avoid having to do asynchronous learning all the time.

9. *TECHNIQUES* + We need to suggest all of the students have their cameras on. Not having the cameras on leaves the students to have a chance to do whatever they want during lesson time. + As educators, we need to master the software that we're using (Google Classroom, Zoom, Blackboard, etc.)

10. "BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS" - It was already difficult for some teachers to connect with their students during face-to-face learning, and now we have to try to reach out to students over calls. We need to find somehow a way to connect with them as best as we can.

11. *STEPS* *TECHNIQUES* + Leave some time allotted at the end of class to hang out and get to know the other students and the teacher. + Memorize students' names as best as you can. Try making connections as simple as memorizing their names makes a huge difference. + Get to know your students individually. You can do this best when they are trying to get help from you with their homework and studying.

12. "GETTING THEIR FEEDBACK" - Teaching online really is a lot different than what we expected, but the individuals that are learning from us, the educators, know best when it comes to receiving our teachings. We should as for student's feedback as often as we can to adjust for the better.

13. *TECHNIQUES* + We can ask the students how well they understood the lesson for that day with their fingers at the end of the class. One finger to being completely lost from the lesson. Five fingers being able to understand the lesson fully. + We can make an anonymous google form and ask the students' feedback to advise or say anything to make the lessons better.

14. "MANAGING AND ORGANIZING THE CLASS" - You might think that it is a lot easier dealing with a class online. Still, the problem with that is we cannot guarantee their learning without the proper organization of topics and classroom management.

15. *TECHNIQUES* + Always come to class prepared. Any hiccups to your lesson planning may result in distraction. While the students wait for you to finish fixing up whatever hiccup had occurred, they can go on their phones, play games, etc. + Have everyone's camera always turned on. If this is the case, there is less likely for any distractions to occur in class. + Having online classes and being home all day makes us forget our responsibilities as a student. We can have everyone in the class sign-up for a reminder app/message to go on for the students to remember if they have a test, homework, or project that will be due soon.