Promote sustainable tourism

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Promote sustainable tourism by Mind Map: Promote sustainable tourism

1. What are the most sustainable alternatives to traditional polluting tourism ?

2. Eco Tourism

2.1. Source : Google

2.1.1. Youtube Ecotourism - A Sustainable Way To Travel

2.2. Key Words

2.2.1. Ecological

2.2.2. Tourism

2.2.3. Green

2.3. What I've Learnt

2.3.1. Eco Tourism consisted in travel to natural areas Conserve environment Conserve the well-being of the local populations Foreign culture are no more exploited More exchanges with the locals

2.3.2. Includes the three conditions of the triangle of sustainability.

3. Alternative and sustainable ways to travel

3.1. Source : Google

3.1.1. FlyGreen 8 Easy Ways To Travel Eco-Friendly

3.2. Key Words

3.2.1. Eco-friendly Travel Environment

3.3. What I've learnt

3.3.1. 87% of the people indicate that they want to travel sustainably.

3.3.2. Being out in nature inspired the travelers.

3.3.3. A lot of eco-friendly or fairtrade travel agencies emerge.

4. Bikepacking

4.1. Source : My personnal experience

4.1.1. My multiple bikepacking trips across France Fixed gear bike Atlantic Coast trip La Loire à vélo

4.2. Key Words

4.2.1. Travel Bike Solo trip

4.3. What I've learnt

4.3.1. Fine way to travel without any Co2 emission

4.3.2. Tourist much more local

4.3.3. Discover more culture, meet more people on a smaller scale

4.3.4. Feel committed to the environmental cause

4.3.5. Internet searches for “bikepacking” tripled in the months since COVID-19

4.4. Source : Google

4.4.1. Forbes Magazine Why Is ‘Bikepacking’ Trending? (Hint: Even In A Pandemic, We Still Need To Recharge)

5. After seeing what were the consequences and issues of the current mondial tourism, I discovered the changes and opportunities that have emerged. There are a lot of ways to reinvent tourism, making it more sustainable.

6. Air transport

6.1. Source : Google

6.1.1. Tourmag Impact du transport aérien sur le climat : pourquoi il faut refaire les calculs

6.2. Key Words

6.2.1. Air transport Tourism Ecological

6.3. What I've learnt

6.3.1. Undervalued CO2 emissions

6.3.2. Other global warming effects

6.3.3. No alternative technologies

6.3.4. Responsibility of travellers questioned

7. Flight Shaming

7.1. Source : Google

7.1.1. Bloomberg What Is Flying Shame? Is It a Movement With Legs?

7.2. Key Words

7.2.1. Stop using plane Sustainable Tourist responsibility

7.3. What I've learnt

7.3.1. Begin in Sweden with the word "flygskam"

7.3.2. Clues are starting to emerge in countries where the population is especially sensitive to climate issues.

7.3.3. Aviation industry has gone on the defensive.

8. Mass tourism

8.1. Source : Google

8.1.1. The Guardian Six reasons why mass tourism is unsustainable

8.2. Key Words

8.2.1. Tourism Sustainable Impact

8.3. What I've learnt

8.3.1. Huge annual revenues

8.3.2. Represents 5% of greenhouse gases

8.3.3. There is almost no regulation concerning ecological development