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Workspace by Mind Map: Workspace

1. Search

2. B. Reports

2.1. B1. View reports (dashboard)

2.1.1. Select report B1.1 Edit B1.2 Delete B3 Export to Excel

2.2. B2 Create a report

2.2.1. B2.1 Export to Excel

2.2.2. B2.2. Save

2.3. B3 Export to Excel

2.3.1. B3.1 Export all

2.3.2. B3.2 Select from

2.4. B4 Import from Excel

3. A. Resource Pool

3.1. List of Employee

3.1.1. Filter Booked Onboarding Rejected Recently Assigned Unconsidered A1. Select employee A1.1 View profile A1.2 Add a state A1.3 Leave a comment A1.4 Add to the team

3.2. A2 Form a team

3.2.1. A2.1 Add an employee

3.2.2. A2.2. Delete

3.2.3. A2.3 Save A2.3.1 Share a team A2.3.2 Copy link

4. Notifications

4.1. View notifications

4.2. Add Notification

4.3. Add reminder

5. C Filter

5.1. C1 Title

5.2. C2 Category

5.3. C3 Workload

5.3.1. C3.1 Select C3.1.1 Trackbar C3.1.2 Input

5.4. C4 State

5.4.1. Booked

5.4.2. Rejected

5.4.3. Proposed

5.4.4. Assigned

5.4.5. Unconsidered

5.5. C5 Location