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Carz by Mind Map: Carz
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This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


Models Over Time

Ford Model T, 1908-1927, First car to be mass-produced using the production line method., First car cheap enough for general public., All painted black as it was the quickest paint to dry., 4 Cylinder, 2.9 liter engine with a one piece block., 2 speed gear box with reverse and the brakes acted on the transmission., Top speed = 64kmph

Austin 7, 1922-1939, Britian's Model T; an affordable small car that was the saviour of Austin Motor Company., Orignally had 696cc engine and was upgraded to a 747cc engine in 1924., 4 Cylinder motor with three speed gear box and four wheel brakes., Top speed = 70-80kmph

Volkswagen Beetle, 1938-1980, Known as 'The Beetle' or 'DacDac'. It was Adolf Hitler's dream of a people's car. Because of its high cost and post WWII Inflation, this was impossible. However, it became an extremely popular car all over the world., Very reliable (but noisy) flat 4 cylinder, air cooled., Design faults included poor interior space for adults and a swing axle rear suspension.

Citroen DS19, 1955-1975, Most revolutionary car seen - it had an odd body shape that was rather aerodynamic and the ride and handling were outstanding due to hydro-pneumatic suspension and pressurised brakes.

BMC Mini, 1959-2000

Mercedes-Benz A Class, 1998-2009+

Hybrid Cars, 2006-2009+

First car built by Gotlieb Daimler

Social Effects

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Environmental Effects

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