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Gameplay by Mind Map: Gameplay

1. What is gameplay

1.1. the heart of a game

1.2. you can feel from a superbly woven and captivating world of interactive challenges that stimulates your every sense

2. Who need it

2.1. Casual gamer

2.1.1. Usually play games with their own pace

2.1.2. Enjoy the story more

2.1.3. Prefer the game that can help them relief stress and to occupy their free time

2.1.4. Some will prefer game genre like action-adventure, sports or combat game

2.1.5. Such as puzzle game, casual game

2.1.6. But their playing time is usually less then the hardcore gamer

2.2. Hardcore gamer

2.2.1. Usually have a wide preference of game genre

2.2.2. Have more game time

2.2.3. Some of them are playing games to earn their living

2.3. Social gamer

2.3.1. Prefer to socialize with other gamers

2.3.2. We can see a lot of them in MMORPG

2.4. The achievement hunter

2.4.1. A lot of them will take time to explore the whole game environment

2.4.2. They are more willing to play the game repeatedly to get the secret reward and achievements

2.5. And other types of gamer such as

2.5.1. Destructive gamer

2.5.2. Puzzle gamer

2.5.3. Trophy hunter

2.5.4. and more.....

3. Why gameplay is important

3.1. make up a rewarding, absorbing, challenging experience that compels the player to return for more, time and time again

4. How is it presented

4.1. presented through many strands and is a mixture of many elements that present challenges to the player. Therefore, it cannot easily be identified as an individual unit.

5. The gameplay components

5.1. Game design

5.2. Rules and boundaries

5.2.1. We know that our player could be very creative.

5.2.2. But they need to understand that if they want to play the games, they must act within the rules to ensure their gaming experience. (So they won’t get frustrated by the bugs)

5.2.3. The rules implemented can give a clear picture of what the game actually is, and what is the story that the developers wanted to tell.

5.2.4. The rules can also help improve the game balance

5.3. Feedback and fulfillment

5.4. Interface

5.4.1. Accessibility So more people can play or use our games.

5.4.2. Aesthetics All artwork used must be suitable, and can tell the story by itself. Other than that, the colours, icons and text/ font used must be comfortable to see, and easy to recognize

5.4.3. Feedback So player will feel secured because their bloods, sweat and tears are saved (the progress) Notify the player what they have done could be rewarding too.

5.5. Environment design

5.6. Game balance

5.6.1. As a developer, we often wants our game to be perfect but eventually we forgot that the main target for our game is to let the targeted audience to use it and have a pleasure experience.

5.6.2. If we want our game (especially the AI) to be too perfect, we will eventually lose our audience

5.6.3. And there are a lot of things that we need to pay attention to in order to maintain the balance.

5.7. Reward

5.7.1. Achievement

5.7.2. Coins or skill points

5.7.3. Costume

5.7.4. Bonus gameplay mode

5.7.5. Cutscenes or texts to make the story complete, or to let players discover more secrets of the story

5.7.6. Upgrade/ Level up

5.7.7. Ranking