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Sound polite by Mind Map: Sound polite

1. How to say no

1.1. Be honest but … not give too many details.

1.1.1. I am sorry I can’t make it. I’ve got something else planned. But let’s try another time. I am sorry I can’t help you out. I’ve got something else planned. But I hope everything works out ok.

1.2. Don’t leave any room for maybe. But... if I feel so much pressure.

1.2.1. I am afraid that I can’t, and I am really sorry. I have another commitment. I would help you if I could but…

1.3. Be clear about your no and include how you feel.

1.3.1. I’m really sorry but I have to say no. I’m over-committed/overwhelmed/stretched thin right now and I know if I say yes, I won’t be able to do my best work.

1.4. Apologize and explain. Give an alternative Share your hopes

1.4.1. I am sorry but I will not be able to stay late and help you finish the project. My daughter’s sick and I need to be home with her. But I’ll send email to others on the team to see if anyone else is available. I really hope we can find someone.

2. Disagree Respectfully

2.1. Focus on the facts.

2.1.1. “What you are saying is … and I disagree because…””Your point of view is that… and I believe this…”

2.2. Use ‘I’ Statements.

2.2.1. “I’m sorry, I have to disagree with you on…” “I have a completely different opinion on this.” “I feel that…”

2.3. Seek to Understand.

2.3.1. “When you say… can you elaborate on that?” “I’m interested in your thinking when you say…” “Can you say more about…”

2.4. Stay Calm.

2.4.1. “Just give me a moment to think.” “I’m feeling my emotions are taking over. Can we come back to this please?”

2.5. Offer a Solution.

2.5.1. “Instead, maybe we could…” “An alternative suggestion might be…” “How about we…”