ROE 11-2020

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ROE 11-2020 by Mind Map: ROE 11-2020

1. Some signs of societal decay



2.1.1. Conception License Arrives at Shrine NOTES Backstory NOTES On Way to Ministry NOTES Granted License NOTES Celebrate With First Attempt NOTES Time Passes NOTES Visioneer Murder Scene NOTES TEXT THEME Make Final Attempt NOTES Brother's Unexpected Visit NOTES OTHER Stressed on Balcony Wife appears

2.1.2. Learns About Pregnancy, Ritual Murder Scene, Celebration Brother Explains Bad News TEXT NOTES NOTES Time Passes and Last Try Learns They Are Pregnant Discovers She is Pregnant NOTES Told to Retrieve Bodies THEME TEXT NOTES 226/250 At the Crime Scene THEMES TEXT OTHER NOTES 163/750 Reaction to Scene THEMES TEXT NOTES 634/750 Friends Have Gathered NOTES PEOPLE Celebration Harmed By Reality NOTES Dreams of Visioneers and Rings TEXT NOTES 204/250 OTHER (Tells Wife) Granted a conception license Thinks about decision Submits a request Looks at the city Maybe mother is getting tired of us Sees Wife Waiting

2.1.3. Attends Ascension With Wife, Feels Buoyed by Her Faith Character attends Ascension, at first, just blankly going through the motions. But he gets caught up in the simple, silent hope his wife exhibits. He goes to sleep feeling more at peace than he's been in a while. Wakes Meets With Brother TEXT NOTES Arrives THEME TEXT NOTES Ceremony THEME TEXT NOTES Cardinal's Speech THEME TEXT NOTES Ascension and Optimism THEMES TEXT NOTES After and Return THEME TEXT NOTES

2.1.4. Has Vision, Wakes to Dark Cradle, Skylights Fall As he sleeps, he has a Vision of the Rings and other worlds. He wakes to find the Cradle completely dark. He goes and is buoyed after helping someone. The lights turn back on and everyone is relieved. But then numerous skylights crash to the ground, killing thousands, one of which, is his wife. Has vision Wakes to darkened Cradle dealing with his vision goes outside to ask around talks someone off the ledge defends some Visineers Leader tells them to gahter Pick up one person on way Help some pilgrims Discuss next steps Head to retreat Prepares to leave retrieves journal and hides it on her body somehow. Afraid its presence may jeopardize all their lives. But she can't bear to leave it behind. She knows she may need it now more than ever. a positive event lights turn back on become positive Council is returning? all dead? than even more positive Skylights fall One falls directly on his building and on amphitheater and/or basillica

2.1.5. Reunites with Brother, Falling Out, Escapes to the Hills Goes to check on him Reunites with Brother NOTES TEXT Argue about Next Steps NOTES Escapes Wife Killed by Skyfall


2.2.1. Crosses Wasteland Reacting to her loss dangerous interaction with rurals NOTES Has to Interact With Visioneers NOTES

2.2.2. Arrives at Retreat

2.2.3. Brother Falls in With Fascists NOTES Enjoying his new life Has some struggles A friendly guy befriends him They're organization is attractive Some Thetans within their ranks, but not overt

2.2.4. Settles In With Visioneers The Laity reacts to the destruction. What has passed has to recycle his wife Sees Visioneers helping the Victims More trouble with Visions Getting in the way of his mourning told to consult Visioneers Stories and songs recognized by Visioneers Problem of sustainance

2.2.5. Brother, Later With Fascists In this organization, his mental imbalanced turns out to be an asset NOTES Witnesses or takes part in ritual murder of Visioneers Leader Gives Speech TEXT NOTES great work slavery building a compound steal all of their food occupy their farm enlist people to their cause Becomes a squad leader something close to murder, but not quite there

2.2.6. Visits Visioneers, Discovers He Is One, Community Is Attacked He visits the Visioneers and asks them about his visions. They reveal that he is a Visioneer that had been unknowlingly stilled. Arrives at Enclave Learns he is a Visioneer TEXT Sings song, recites words, performs some action that wakens their most revered elder poetry, song, scripture their spirituality is about escape Visioneers attacked connected to the Villain



4.1. Devotion to Mother

4.1.1. Mother provides and protects

4.1.2. Dedication to her Directions and the Balance

4.2. Thetans / Bigots

4.3. Fear of the Periphery

4.3.1. Closer to the center/mother, the better, safer, favored

4.3.2. The periphery is evil, dangerous

4.3.3. Rumor started by those in Church that wanted to hide all memory and mentions of the arrival and colonization

4.4. Visioneers

4.4.1. Visions have made them believe there is something beyond the Cradle and Mother

4.4.2. Bottom of societal rung

4.4.3. Some go through stilling to not be at the complete bottom