Libya Ceasefire Agreement

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Libya Ceasefire Agreement by Mind Map: Libya Ceasefire Agreement

1. What was going on in Libya

1.1. Muammar Gaddafi ousted by NATO

1.1.1. Gadafi took over reigns from King Idris in a military coup 1969

1.1.2. Killed in 2011

1.1.3. affect Tussle over power between rival militias led by multiple warlords to occupy power vacuum in libya Affect

2. Present Government structure in Libya

2.1. In the west

2.1.1. Government of National Accord(GNA) UN backed Internationally recognized Led by Fayez al-Sarraj Authority challenged by factions controlling the east

2.2. In the East

2.2.1. Controlled by rebel forces under Libyan National Army led by Supported by Conducted military operations against Islamic state in the east

3. Impact of the Civil War

3.1. Created 50k refugees and asylum seekers

3.2. 2.68 lacs people displaced

3.3. Over 2600 civilians killed

4. Provisions of the ceasefire agreement

4.1. facilitated by the UN

4.2. All foreign mercenaries and armed forces will have to withdraw in the next 90 days

4.3. any violation of the ceasefire

4.3.1. will be dealt by joint military force which will be under a unified command

4.4. Established Joint Police Operation Room

4.4.1. aim Implement and propose special arrangements to secure the areas that are cleared of military units and armed groups

4.5. agreed to open land and air routes

4.5.1. That connects different regions of Libya

4.6. Commanders of petroleum facilities from east and west

4.6.1. Will work directly under a Representative apppointed by National Oil Corporation Work of the Representative recommending plan for restructuring Petroleum facilities guards in order to ensure the flow of oil continues