Empowering Students by Marc-Antoine Boucher-Brière

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Empowering Students by Marc-Antoine Boucher-Brière by Mind Map: Empowering Students by Marc-Antoine Boucher-Brière

1. Using student voice is way to empower student in taking ownership in their learning to prepare them to the reality of the 21st century.

2. Giving student a voice is a key point in fostering and enhancing growth opportunities in the cognitive, behavioral, and social-emotional domains of the child development.

3. The use of student voice need to be meaningful for all. Students are not just creator of meaning but also as stakeholder and change agent in learning and communities.

4. Using students voice is student centered approach that revolves around the students’ interests and needs.

5. Using student voice to empower them in their learning is important because student voice because it provides them a chance to formally declare their opinions so that it can be used in the planning, implementation.

6. Quote 2: “When students believe that they are valued for their perspectives and respected, they begin to develop a sense of ownership and attachment to the organization in which they are involved” (Mitra 2009)

7. Quote 1: Similarly, when students are “able to talk about [their] experiences of learning in school and [have their] account taken seriously [it] offers students . . . a stronger sense of membership . . . a stronger sense of respect and self-worth . . . a stronger sense of self-as-learner . . . [and] a stronger sense of agency” (Rudduck, Demetriou, & Pedder 2003).

8. When student voice is valued, it create a unique window into what the student thinks and feels about their learning. Student voice needs to be use to see where students want to go with their knowledge.

9. Students voice need to be seen as the starting point of every learning opportunities.