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Robot by Mind Map: Robot

1. ‏Definition

1.1. A machine used to perform repetitive and difficult tasks, combined with the characteristics of artificial intelligence to become human-like.

2. Robot industry rules

2.1. Not to cause harm or damige to the human .

2.2. Obey human commands.

2.3. Protect it-self.

3. Its uses

3.1. Industrial fields

3.1.1. The automobile industry

3.2. Medical fields

3.2.1. Conducting surgical operations

3.2.2. Assisting in the rehabilitation of patients

3.3. Domestic service fields

3.3.1. Cleaning the floors

3.4. Dangerous works

3.4.1. Detonating bombs

3.5. Space exploration

3.6. Traffic regulation

4. Its parts (Components)

4.1. Sensors

4.2. ع

4.3. Mechanical actuators

4.4. Speakers

4.5. Control system (brain)

4.5.1. Possesses preprogrammed, performs specific actions

4.5.2. Independent, has the ability to respond and interact with the surrounding environment

5. The most famous robots in the world

5.1. Robot (Sophia)

5.2. Robot (kuri)

5.3. Robot (Aibo)

5.4. Robot (Octopusgripper)

6. the relationship between artificial intelligence and robots

6.1. artificial intelligence is the brain and robots are the body