Digital transformation of Journalism.

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Digital transformation of Journalism. by Mind Map: Digital transformation of Journalism.

1. The social networks are the key to define "¿What is interesting" in the public agenda.

1.1. ss

2. The digital journalism has generated three new factors to the journalism:

2.1. Interactivity

2.2. Hypertextuality

2.3. Multimedia

3. In our times, is more easy to get information and news in REAL TIME, we can read breaking news in just minutes thanks to platforms like Twitter and on-line portals.

3.1. FUN FACT: The New York Times has 665 journalists on Twitter and 41 accounts of different sections.

4. The social media metrics are a dangerous gun in terms of doing quality journalism, some articles will have the objective of only getting "views".

4.1. The famous "clickbait"

4.2. Also the "engagement" is very important, the main focus of it is to evaluate the interaction in the digital journalism like conversations, likes and shares.

4.2.1. Also every social media have different subjects or audience target´s, every company or person has to develop a good marketing campaign to get a good engagement, or to get some people interested in read some articles in a specific social media.

5. ¿What is a succesful note in digital journalism?

5.1. The one who can influence the audience into a determined objective, and in consequence of that, getting viral.

5.1.1. The #MeToo is an example of a virtual movement that went into a global sensation in social media.

6. The "Blogs" or "On-line independent portals" are another way of digital journalism, every person with technology devices can open one and write about a determined topic.

6.1. Travel, fashion, food, poetry, sports, personal experiences, movies and television series, art, etc.

7. The digital Journalism is breaking the stigma that the "digital news" are superficial and the "traditional news" are profound, both can share good and quality content.

7.1. Traditional (magazine)

7.1.1. Digital (web portal)

8. Student: García Reyes Luis Adrián. 1926389. B81

9. Journalists need to be in a permanent training, the technology is daily evolving, we have to be very updated with all the platforms and the in-thing of the moment.

9.1. For example. Tik-Tok is a social media that in this year evolved a lot, we have to know how to use it and how to generate good content for the platform.

9.1.1. "Adapt or die"