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Laguna Admin by Mind Map: Laguna Admin

1. Insurance

1.1. Additional Insured Certificates as required for projects

1.2. Billing and Renewals

1.3. Commercial Liability- Compliance

1.4. Vehicles


2.1. Vehicle Registrations

2.2. CA. Safety Inspections

2.3. Compliance Records for DOT

2.4. DOT- UCR Compliance

3. Accounts Payables

3.1. Process MISYS Vendor Payments

3.2. Process QB (Non Inventory) Purchase Orders and Payments

3.3. Manage Monthly Checks

3.3.1. Rents

3.3.2. Re-occurring Payments

4. Accounts Recievables

4.1. Invoice Customer Sales Orders

4.2. Monitor Aging Reports

4.3. Input Payments

4.3.1. Monitor ACH Transacations

4.3.2. Deposit Checks

4.4. Manage Customer, On-Line Portals

4.4.1. Customer Invoicing

4.4.2. Order Confirmations

5. Purchasing

5.1. Process Materials Resource Planning- MISYS

5.2. Check and Issue PO's

5.3. Receive Items and Invoice- MISYS

5.4. Manage and Order "Spot" Requests form PMs and Shop Personnel-MISYS

5.5. Manage Office Supplies and non inventory requirements- Quick Books or CCs

5.6. Manage Software, VARS and Subscribed Service Contracts

5.7. File Vendor quotes and attach as notes in MISYS

5.8. Update costing as required

6. Sales

6.1. Collect Dealer Applications and File

6.1.1. VAULT/ Accounts/ New Folder

6.2. Set Up New Accounts in QB

6.2.1. Discount Level

6.2.2. Sales Rep

6.3. Duplicate Estimates

6.4. Route Calls and E-mails to Appropriate PMs

6.5. Review Estimates for Margin % and update costs from MISYS as neccessary

6.6. Add New Contacts in Outlook from Correspondence

7. Logistics

7.1. Manage Purchase Orders and Shipping with third party vendors for Palatalized Freight

7.2. Co-ordinate Shipping requirements and site access with customers

7.3. Schedule, Book Travel and manage installation expenses

7.4. Prepare and Ship items via FedEx portal

8. Employees

8.1. Update Telephone and Address (QB)

8.2. Manage Driver's License

8.3. Manage (minor injuries) with MD Clinic and DOT Drug testing requiremnts

8.4. Keys and alarm Codes

8.5. Assist in Payroll Processing