What shapes me as a teacher?

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What shapes me as a teacher? by Mind Map: What shapes me as a teacher?

1. Beliefs on Teaching Approaches

1.1. Make it real

1.1.1. I try to find something tangible to surround with the subject. Perhaps a student experience, an object, something real that makes an impact.

1.2. The discovery of relationships

1.2.1. Discovering relationships between the real and the subject.

2. Personal Values that Affect Strategies

2.1. Connection to experience

2.1.1. This is similar to Make it real, however in this context it is the practicality. Education has to affect your life. Drawing connections to this meaning is important.

2.2. Learning is exciting

2.2.1. I enjoy learning. It is like unraveling a mystery.

2.3. The importance of knowing how things work

2.3.1. When you know how things work and how they are related to other things, it develops a deeper appreciation.

2.3.2. This knowledge creates a more meaningful life experience.

3. Classroom Experiences

3.1. Mixed Instruction Styles

3.1.1. I have enjoyed blending lecture with demonstrations

3.2. Interactive Student Engagement

3.2.1. I try to determine where the students are at and unravel the content from there. I like to ask questions that might go in multiple directions, and pick up interest.

4. Supportive Professional Development

4.1. Subject matter experience

4.1.1. Knowledge of the subject is important for flexibility of presentation.

4.2. Rhetoric / Argumentation

4.2.1. This helps to structure presentation in logical sequences.

4.3. Student engagement

4.3.1. Techniques for student interation

4.3.2. Motivation

5. Opinions that Shape Teaching

5.1. Didactic purpose of education

5.1.1. Learning contributes to a broader understanding of the world and helps us relate to others.

5.2. Subjects are linked

5.2.1. Discovery of links between two different subjects is exciting and helps build comprehension.