Podcasting Session for Social Educators II

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Podcasting Session for Social Educators II by Mind Map: Podcasting Session for Social Educators II

1. Questions hanging

1.1. How long do I have to revise my case file?

1.1.1. Final is with the whole portfolio

1.1.2. (on or before 10.1.2021)

1.2. What is this "whole portfolio"?

1.2.1. manifesto about my learning this semester (reflection)

1.2.2. case file 3 articles - relevance and reliability

1.2.3. podcast synthesis of written and audio into spoken podcast

2. What are the dates to know?

2.1. 15.11 - Podcast episode

2.1.1. in Assignment

2.1.2. in Forum

2.2. 22.11 - Reflection

2.3. 3.12 - Grammar set 2

3. Synthesising

3.1. What is synthesising?

3.1.1. mixing many things into one new thing

3.2. How to synthesise?

3.2.1. see "How to synthesise" in Moodlinka

3.3. Idea - create a mind map for your podcast!

3.3.1. like this mind map of our lesson

4. 2-3 Videos relevant for your case

4.1. Engaging with difficult clients

4.1.1. everyone probably need this one

4.2. 1-2 other relevant videos

4.2.1. dealing with clients with mental health issues?

4.2.2. dealing with possible child abuse?

4.2.3. dealing with teenage issues?

4.2.4. dealing with ...(search YouTube)...? add your new video to the forum!

5. Our podcast

5.1. Do you have a favourite podcast?

5.1.1. What makes it sound so good?

5.2. What are the parts of a podcast?

5.2.1. music at the beginning optional Audacity piecing bits together Vocaroo

5.2.2. welcome message

5.2.3. introduction what I will talk about

5.2.4. body interview story

5.2.5. conclusion what do I want the listener to remember most?

5.2.6. closing line thanks + ...

5.3. What is in our podcast?

5.3.1. A synthesis of 3 written articles and 2-3 videos