Emerald Ash Borer

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Emerald Ash Borer by Mind Map: Emerald Ash Borer

1. Why are they bad

1.1. Robinett 2019

1.1.1. Studies have show that they only target ash trees. they are bad becuase they lay larvae in ash trees, who consume nutrients and cutoff nutrient flow in ash trees.

2. What effect do they have on forests

2.1. Burr 2014

2.1.1. The death of ash trees/ invasion of these insects have cascading effects, from animals, to biodiveristy, to

3. How have we tried to eradicate them?

3.1. Hausman 2010

3.1.1. the issue with eradication is that unfortunately while multiple methods have been tried none have succeeded.

4. What are our current solutions to track/eradicate/ and mitigate damges from them?

4.1. Burr2014, Hausman 2010, Robinett 2019

4.1.1. While they lack a solution to eradicate the pest species, they currently have ways to track/ mitigate damages caused by the emerald ash borer and are looking at ways to help these trees survive