Animal Farm (2020-2021 G7LA The Awesome :)

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Animal Farm (2020-2021 G7LA The Awesome :) by Mind Map: Animal Farm (2020-2021 G7LA The Awesome :)

1. Snowball🐷🐽🐖

1.1. Hard working

1.1.1. Snowball harvested with all of the other animals and worked with them to destroy the home.

1.2. Intelligent

1.2.1. "For snowball was the best at writing", using "the" best shows he is intelligent compared to other animals within the farm

1.3. Firm: he repeatedly refused Mollie's requests at her old lifestyle and is very confident within his answers.Also, he uses retroical questions to make it seem as if it is very obvious that "liberty is worth more than ribbons". Finally, he is very determined to not let the other animals keep or see things that reminds them of the humans.

1.3.1. Knowledgeable: Makes decisions all the time, has a large vocabulary (e.g: "organs of propulsion," "manipulation," "distinguished."), knows how to read and write, understands the importance of rules Cooperative Answers the animal's question and even answers Molly's stupid questions about the most useless things-"sugar after the rebellion".

1.3.2. Responsible: He is naturally a leader, so he takes upon the responsibility and plans the rebellion and the harvest and works according to the plan.

1.3.3. Serious/Formal: Snowball speaks in a serious tone in meetings, and likes to call the other animals "comrades."- a very formal way to refer to others Snowball is active because he is eager for the harvest and helping others for preparing. (physically). Snowball is very clever about plans and upcoming ideas. (Mentally).

2. Mr. Jones

2.1. 🥱Negligent

2.1.1. Neglected the well-being of the farm. ----" the fields were full of weeds, the buildings wanted roofing, the hedges were neglected and the animals are underfed."

2.1.2. Gets drunk and neglected the animals. Did not care if feeding Moses with bread soaked with beer will harm Moses. Animals were underfed.

2.1.3. Hires men to do the work for him, without supervising them and making sure they are doing their work. After getting drunk in Red Lion he did not come back until the next day. "When Mr. Jones got back he immediately went to sleep on the drawing-room that when evening came the animals were still unfed"

2.2. Irresponsible

2.2.1. Left the farm wild While"Hedges were neglected" "Animals were underfed", he is still drinking and sleeping during the day.

2.2.2. Did not feed the animals "When Mr. Jones got back he immediately went to sleep.... animals were still unfed." Feeding animals is something very important, but he was still "without bothering to feed the animals". From the word "bothering", we can see he do not care about feeding the animals.

2.2.3. Promotes the rebellion Mr. Jones left the animals unfed, so one cow broke the gates of the store-shed. And the animals help themselves with food. Mr. Jones found out and start to whip the animals. This promotes the animals to rebel and expelled him.

2.3. Alcoholic

2.3.1. After losing money he started to get addicted to alcohol and drank daily in order to reduce his stress. "For whole days at a time he would lounge in his Windsor chair...drinking" he spends days drinking, because "had taken to drinking more than was good for him."

2.3.2. "Mr. Jones...had locked the hen-houses for the night, but was too drunk to remember to shut the pop-holes."

2.4. Unaware

2.4.1. He never noticed how the animals always had meetings.

2.4.2. He never noticed that the men he hired to work for him are idle and dishonest.

2.5. Cowardly

2.5.1. Without a second thought, he ran away as soon as the animals retaliated and abandoned his farm. "The sudden uprising of creatures whom were used to thrashing and maltreating just as they chose, frightened them almost out of their wits. After a moment or two they gave up trying to defend themselves and took to their heels."

2.6. Cruel

2.6.1. The animals were angered due to hunger. A cow "broke the door of the store-shed" and all animals started eating from the bind". This caused Mr. Jones and his men to start shooting at the animals. Which then cause the animals to wipe them out of the farm.

2.6.2. According to the book, Mr. Jones is considered as the "tormentor" of the animals.

2.6.3. Had "whips in their hands, lashing out in all directions". From the word "lash"and "all directions", we can see that he did not think of the consequences, and just whip everything he saw. Which shows he is very cruel.

2.7. Disheartened

2.7.1. Before the lawsuit Mr Jones was a good farmer, but after losing his money he became very discouraged. After that he looked for comfort from beer which led to his dependency. "In the past years Mr Jones, although a hard master, had been a capable farmer, but of late he had fallen on evil days. He had become much disheartened after loosing in a lawsuit, and had taken to drinking more than what was good for him.

3. Napoleon

3.1. Description

3.1.1. Napoleon is a fierce looking Berkshire boar, the only one on the farm. He is not much of a talker but he likes to do things in his own way. He represents Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union

3.2. Prejudiced

3.2.1. Doesn't allow animals to vote

3.2.2. Doesn't think all animals are equal

3.2.3. Force other characters who disagree with him to agree

3.2.4. Unfair to the "working class" do not tell the "working class" enough information for them to understand the whole picture about what is happening in the working class do not give the "working class" a chance to vote, while snowball gives everyone a chance to vote

3.3. Ruthless

3.3.1. He exiled snowball into exile, he sends Boxer away to make glue, when Boxer was ill, he said he was going to sent Boxer to the hospital, but the reality is that he sent him to a slaughter house.

3.3.2. HIs betrayal of snowball and his cruel action towards Boxer are all examples of him ruthlessness.

3.4. Greedy

3.4.1. He wanted to acquire more and more power by taking control of the milk when the animals went to work.

3.5. Organized

3.5.1. Although Napoleon is very cruel and violent, he is actually very organized. This is because when he organized Sunday meetings and controlled resources from the farm, he must be very organized to able to do this. Napoleon also needs to be organized when he exploits the animals by threatening to take their food when building their windmill.

3.6. Fierce

3.6.1. He fought ferociously in the revolution "He was a fierce Berkshire Boar."

3.7. Dishonest

3.7.1. He lied to everyone to nevermind about the cow's milk. However, in the end, the milk is gone because Napoleon took it himself while the others went to do the harvest. Evidence: "Never mind the milk, comrades!" cried Napoleon placing himself in front of the was noticed that the milk had disappeared."

3.8. Desire to control

3.8.1. His desire to control is very intense because he wanted power and resources all for himself.

3.8.2. He contols

4. Mollie

4.1. Vain

4.1.1. Thinks she deserves ribbons and sugar

4.1.2. all she wants is to be pretty

4.1.3. "she had taken a piece of blue ribbon from Mrs. Jone's dressing table, and was holding it against her shoulder and admiring herself in the glass..." P14

4.2. self- absorbed

4.2.1. Only cares about what she likes(sugar), and not what others needed.

4.2.2. she doesn't care about the rebellion, and is not helping others with the rebellion (which is very important to other animals) nor is she working.

4.2.3. she doesn't care about the feelings of other animals, because she stayed behind when they were all exploring the house, and made other animals worry.

4.3. Silly

4.3.1. acts naive (sugar)

4.3.2. only cares about unimportant things (ribbons)

4.3.3. "... admiring herself in a glass in very foolish manner."

5. Mrs. Jones

5.1. Coward

5.1.1. She only watched through her window and when she saw the trouble her husband was in, she escaped without helping him., "Slipped out of the farm by another way" instead of helping the men fight for their farm. She was obviously afraid that she was going to get hurt from joining the fight. Greedy Even though she was in danger and she knew it, she still "hurriedly flung a few possessions into a carpet bag" and escaped. She put her put herself in danged by lingering around just for a few things.