The Science Of Patient Safety

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The Science Of Patient Safety by Mind Map: The Science Of Patient Safety

1. Medical error in health care

1.1. Hospital death every year through medical error

1.2. Patients in acute care settings suffer adverse drug events

1.3. Hospital addmissions are due to adverse drug reactions

1.4. Unsafe injections

1.5. Health care associated infections

2. Unsafe patient care globally

2.1. Adverse drug events

2.2. Improver transfussions

2.3. Surgical injuries

2.4. Wrong site surgery

2.5. Restraint related injuries

2.6. Patient falss

2.7. Pressure ulcers - Bed sores

2.8. Mistaken patient identities

2.9. Healthcare associated infections

3. Patient safety

3.1. Freedom from accidental injury (IOM-To Err is Human)

4. Medical errors

4.1. Failure of a planned action to be completed as intended or the use of a wrong plan to achieve an aim.

5. Implications of providing unsafe care

5.1. Injury, disability, and death

5.2. Societal costs

5.3. Loss of trusts in healthcare systems

5.4. Rework and unnecessary waste

6. System factors impact safety

6.1. Institusional

6.2. Hospital

6.3. Departmental factors

6.4. Work environment

6.5. Team factors

6.6. Individual providers

6.7. Task factors

6.8. Patient characteristic

7. Prevent mistakes

7.1. Create culture of safety

7.2. Focus on the system

7.3. Identify key processess

7.4. Improve key processess

7.4.1. Reduce complexity

7.4.2. Develop reliable processess

7.4.3. Create independent checks for key processess

7.5. Automate