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EPF by Mind Map: EPF

1. compulsory savings scheme for employees (sufficient funds+post-retirement years)

2. All remuneration in money exclude:

2.1. 1. Service charge 2. Overtime payment 3. Gratuity or 4. retirement benefit 5. Retrenchment or termination benefit

3. Membership is compulsory for:

3.1. Malaysian Employees: Private Sector (All) Public Sector (Certain cases)

4. Membership is voluntary for:

4.1. Foreign employees Domestic servants Self-employed persons


5.1. Malaysian • 16 • employed under a contract of service • express or implied • oral or in writing

5.2. Non-Malaysian • 1st August 1998 (foreign workers and expatriates <Rm2500 exclude: 1. Temporary Employment 2. Thai workers (Territorial Pass) 3. Seamen 4. Foreign domestic maids 5. Self-employed persons 6. Out-workers (cleaning & alteration repair works) 7. Detained in (custody, in prison, Henry Gurney School & mental hospital) 8. Pensioners

6. How to register? 1.Register the company or firm with the EPF (submitting the KWSP 1 Form) 2.Forms to be filled •KWSP 3 (AHL) Form •Employee •Employer •KWSP 4 (AHL) Form •Employee

7. WHEN CAN YOU WITHDRAW THE ALL YOUR EPF CONTRIBUTIONS? •Age of 55 years •Death of the member (withdrawal-beneficiaries) •Physical/mental incapacitation •expatriate foreign workers who have contributed but are excluded •On leaving Malaysia permanently