CLIL (Content and language integrated learning)

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CLIL (Content and language integrated learning) by Mind Map: CLIL (Content and language integrated learning)

1. What is it?

1.1. Approach for learning and teaching languages

1.1.1. Language English Spanish French Italian...

1.1.2. Content Science Maths Social Studies Global Issues History...

2. Main terms

2.1. 4 Cs

2.1.1. Content Curricular subject

2.1.2. Communication Language skills

2.1.3. Cognition Thinking processes

2.1.4. Culture Cultural and intercultural knowledge and awareness

2.2. Kinds of CLIL

2.2.1. Soft Lower accentuation of content and language

2.2.2. Hard Strong emphasis of content and language

2.3. Bilingual brain


3.1. ELT

3.1.1. Topics To achieve language level objectives

3.1.2. Grammar Learnt like patterns

3.2. CLIL

3.2.1. Topics From real contexts

3.2.2. Grammar Across usage

4. Other approaches

4.1. Communicative language CLT

4.1.1. Real contexts

4.1.2. Teacher: Guide and facilitator

4.1.3. Communicative goals

4.2. Task based language teaching TBLT

4.2.1. Language through tasks

4.2.2. Meaning and tasks completion have priority

4.3. Project based learning PBT

4.3.1. Final task

4.3.2. Content and language knowledge through projects

4.4. English for specific purposes ESP

4.4.1. Based on learners needs

4.4.2. Student as centre of learning process

4.5. Cognitive academic language learning approach CALLA

4.5.1. Incorporates students' learning strategies

4.5.2. Cognitive and metacognitive and socio-affective strategies

4.6. Content based instruction CBI

4.6.1. Based on a subject-matter core

4.6.2. Authentic documents

4.7. Sheltered instruction models

4.7.1. Comprehensible concepts

4.7.2. Promotes students' English language development