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Topic by Mind Map: Topic

1. Suggestions and offers

1.1. Language features - Using modal - Using simple present tense - Using punctuation

1.2. Generic structure - Making suggestions - Accepting suggestions - Declining suggestions

2. Opinion

2.1. Definition Opinion is basically a statement about what you have on mind about something either agree or disagree pro op con an so on

2.2. Generic structure - Personal point of view - Response

2.3. Social function - Asking opinion is to ask other people's opinions on issue - Giving opinion is the expression and opinion on a matter or issue

3. Analytical exposition

3.1. Definition Analytical exposition is a text that elaborates the writer's idea about the phenomenan that occurs in daily life.

3.2. Social function Persuade the readers that there is a case to concern and to pay attention to.

3.3. Generic structure - Tesis - Arguments - Reorientation

3.4. Language features - Using the present tense - Using conjuction - Using evaluative worlds - Using casual conjuctions

4. Personal letter

4.1. Definition Personal letter are informal letters writen for individuals, usually two people who know each other are involved

4.2. Language features - Sentence stucture - Style