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Writing a review by Mind Map: Writing a review

1. Review

1.1. Definition: Having judgement on certain things like food, film, restaurant and product

2. Types

2.1. 1. Restaurant Design

2.1.1. 2. Industrial Design 3. Movie Review -plot -acting -cinematography -musical score -editing -special score -script

2.1.2. -Identify the gadget

2.1.3. -List of relevant possible features

2.1.4. -think of a statement

2.1.5. -familiarized to the gadget

2.2. -background information

2.3. -taste of food

2.4. -ambiance

2.5. -service & cleanliness

3. Impotance:

4. The importance of writing a review is to raise awareness to other consumers about the quality or standard of the product. It helps the other people to gain more information and own opinions about the product. As a consumer, we are helping each other in a way of writing a review to give us personal reviews and impressions about the product.