Charge for returns

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Charge for returns by Mind Map: Charge for returns

1. Why?

1.1. Because our rate of returns is very high (13%)

1.1.1. Why? In 33% of cases of returned orders, the products arrived damaged or incomplete. Why? Because 40% of all returned orders are for clothes, and buyers return the products because they don't fit or don't look exactly like in the pictures. OPPORTUNITY: For the Apparel section, improve product description by adding a grid that explains sizes in different systems (European, American, inches vs. cm, etc.) OPPORTUNITY: For the Apparel section, include 360-degree view of the model wearing the product, to get a better view of it. OPPORTUNITY: For the Apparel section, include at least 1 very high resolution image of the texture and color of each product. Because over 60% of all orders for grocery products arrived too late and were spoiled, therefore had to be returned. OPPORTUNITY: Introduce a speedy delivery for all grocery products. OPPORTUNITY: Introduce refrigerated deliveries for groceries.

1.2. Because our average processing cost for returns is 25% higher than the industry average.

1.2.1. Why? Because returning a product requires a delivery team to come and pick it up. OPPORTUNITY: Allow buyers to return orders on arrival, if package looks damaged. OPPORTUNITY: Allow buyers to drop the returns themselves to a regional center in their city.