Islam and Globalization

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Islam and Globalization by Mind Map: Islam and Globalization

1. Islam

1.1. Religion of Peace and Love

1.2. Religion of Respect and Kindness

1.3. Prohibits Imposition

1.4. Discourages Blind Adoption

1.5. Equality of Human Rights

2. Image of Islam

2.1. Religion of Terrorism

2.2. Inflexible

2.3. Incompatible for Modernization

2.4. Ignore Female's Rights

2.5. Supports Imposition

2.6. Anti-Globalization and Anti-Modernization

3. Islamic World

3.1. Approximately 60 Countries

3.2. 1.2 Billion Muslim Population

3.3. Economically Weak Countries

3.4. Lower Literacy Rates

3.5. Technologically Backward

4. Impact of Globalization on Islamic Countries

4.1. Use of Anti-Islamic Products e.g. alcohol, drug, garment, pork etc.

4.2. Brain Drain

4.3. Anti-Labour Multinational Companies

4.4. Materialistic Trend

4.5. Freedom of Expressions

4.6. Insecurity of Cultural Heritage

4.7. Survival Struggle

4.8. Claps of Civilizations

4.9. Fear of Foreign Investors

4.10. Non-Islamic Banking

5. How Does Islam Face Globalization

5.1. Islamic values should be protected from non-Islamic influences

5.2. Moral, social and inspirational forces of Islam should be enforced

5.3. Freedom of expression should be in limits

5.4. Foreign investment should be welcomed under Islamic set of laws.

6. Is Islam Anti-Globalization?

6.1. Islam means peaceful

6.2. Islam is a cooperation

7. Is Islam Anti-Globalization

7.1. Globalization leads to westernization

7.2. Decline of religious, moral and ethical values

7.3. Disintegrated families

7.4. High rate of divorce and unwed mothers

7.5. Excessive drug abuse and sexual indulgence

7.6. Increasing conflict, loneliness, guilt and lost of self-esteem

7.7. Confusion about self identity, meaning in life.

7.8. Increasing trend toward suicides