White House

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White House by Mind Map: White House

1. most famous address

2. 1600 Pennselvania Avenue, Washington DS, Amerika

3. where the US President works

4. private home were he lives with his family

4.1. Lives with family on the second and third floors

5. US President

5.1. Children's party

5.2. Holiday dinners

5.3. Weddings

5.4. goverens a country of 50 states and 304 million people

6. World-famous building

7. The building

7.1. Ferst built in 1800

7.1.1. goverens a co

8. 16 bedrooms, a living room, akitchen and a dining room

9. special guests stay in the Queen's Bedroom or the Lincoln Bedroom

10. West Wing

10.1. Staff offices

10.2. The President's own ofice, the Oval Office

10.2.1. Three large windows behind the President's desk

10.2.2. a fireplace at the other end

10.2.3. pictures of old presidents on the wall, famous desk, a gift from the British Queen Victoria in 1880

10.3. Each new president choose new curtain, furniture and a special carpet

10.4. About 150 people work for the P

11. Day by day

11.1. Is open to visitors

11.1.1. About 6 000 people a day visit

12. P. meets special guests in the East Room

13. Talks to journalists in the Press Room

14. 150 people work for First Lady in the East Wing

14.1. Another 100 people look after the building day and night

15. 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 5 kitchen, all on six floors

15.1. 3 elevators

15.2. State Dining Room is big enough for 140 guests

16. Outside, gardeners grow fruit, vegetables

16.1. tennis court, jogging track, swimming pool

17. Inside amovie theater, a billiard room, a bowling alley, a library

18. Reagan said: "is like 8-star hotel"