ISIS during the COVID Pandemic

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ISIS during the COVID Pandemic by Mind Map: ISIS during the COVID Pandemic

1. Positive

1.1. Attendance Higher because of Strategy

1.2. Duration was well timed - 1h in total

1.3. People stayed focus due to 1h mark

1.4. Back-Up Read through Partners Text

1.5. Good structured and build-up leading to good panel discussion

1.6. Mentioning when others are supposed to speak = handing it over properly

1.7. Gift Sent

2. Improve

2.1. Technical issues / improvements

2.1.1. Promotional Video

2.1.2. Audio Martijn

2.1.3. Turn off Video when others speak / switch view

2.1.4. Final check 30' prior

2.1.5. Live-Stream

2.2. Optimize Content-Process

2.2.1. Question Attendees Influx high no separation between selection What are quality questions? Have 3rd person to handle questions => you need to be host

2.2.2. Test-Run Content

2.2.3. Create Safety Net through reading partners text

2.3. Professional Image of Jason

2.3.1. Background for the speakers => more professional (Jason Background)

2.3.2. start on time

2.3.3. Introduce Jason and “I am your host for tonight”

2.3.4. Correct Promotion of Jason & future Events

2.4. Incorporate Visuals

2.4.1. Showing Jason Slide during Introduction

2.4.2. Slides by Speaker to make more grasping

2.5. Interaction for Listener

2.5.1. Use poll function

2.5.2. Q&A function properly used

2.6. After-Care

2.6.1. Notification to listener

2.6.2. Thank you email to the speaker

2.6.3. Semi-Permanent E-Mail List