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My Porfolio by Mind Map: My Porfolio

1. Meteorology Project

1.1. Standard 7

1.2. Citizenship,Work Ethic, Technology

1.3. This project was in science. I learned about the different air fronta and the kinds of weather conditions they can create. I had learned a lot about tornadoes. I leaned how they formed and the damage they can do. I also learned about the difference between hurricanes and tornadoes.I chose the Meteorology project as an example of my speaking skills also because when I presented I thought I did well on it. I chose the SWLO'S of Citizenship we had to do it individually. I chose Work Ethic because we all had to have an equal contribute in the project. The last one I chose is technology because we had to do a presentation on technology.

2. Storybook Checkpoint #1

2.1. Standard 5,6

2.2. Citizenship

2.3. I learned from this assignment I can write made up stories. I chose this as an example for Standard(s) 4 and 5 because I had to write info down about how to make a story book to make a storybook. I had to create my own child storybook independently, and I believe this shows that shows my writing got better because i had to proofread the words.

3. Vocabulary Of Oppression

3.1. Standard 1

3.2. Citizenship

3.3. From this assignment I understand the Standard 1 because standard 1 is to learn new vocab words and that is what i did but looking up the word and writing it down for me to memorize.

4. Author's purpose Purpose

4.1. Standard 2

4.2. Citizenship

4.3. From this assignment, I learned that I can read and understand stories. Standard 2 meets with this assignment because that's exactly what standard 2 is.

5. Introduction

6. Oppression Essay

6.1. Standard 6

6.2. Citizenship

6.3. I learned from this part of the year the oppression in many countries. This assignment is an example of I learned about the rules and what the government does for their country. We was all chose to a country to study the Oppression.My country was Iran. I have learned many things about this country do to the project. I think that the Oppression Essay is a good improving my writing because I had to make a essay about the topic. I also realized that my reading has gotten better.

7. Risk And Insurance Project

7.1. Standard 4

7.2. Work Ethic, Technology

7.3. From this project, I learned that there are different types of insurance and certain types of insurance cover different things. I chose the “Risk and Insurance” project as an assignment because it has the standard of writing info. I chose the writing info for this assignment because it shows the skills of writing notes which is important because you will have to do it all your life.

8. Renaissance Research

8.1. Standard 4

8.2. Technology,Work Ethic, Citizenship

8.3. In my opinion this was a big project because this was an important standard in school that we need to learn. The standard was that we needed to identify the past and how it changed and influenced the past. I think the Renaissance project was interesting because I learned many things about the Renaissance Era that I didn’t know before. I chose the Renaissance Research as a example of writing info because I had to take my own notes on the Renaissance in good quality.

9. Author's Purpose

9.1. Standard 2

9.2. Citizenship

9.3. I did “Author’s Purpose” as an example for standard 2. Standard 2 just shows that you understand what you read. I chose this assignment as a project because I had to read a story and had to answer quetions about it.By doing this, It shows that I can understand what I am reading.

10. Conclusion

11. About Me