Describe a person

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Describe a person by Mind Map: Describe a person

1. Extroverted Sociable Outgoing Talkative Communicative Cheerful easy going Introvert Quiet Reserved Shy Taciturn Negative Miserable

2. Face

2.1. Square Oval Round Triangular Heart-Shaped Thin Wide Chiseled

3. Build

3.1. Slim Full- Figured Slight Thin Fat Skinny Chubby Large

4. Nose

4.1. Straight Hooked Flat Tall Long Small Pointed

5. Hair

5.1. Dark-Fair Long-Short Straight-Curly Bald Blond-Ginger-Brown Shoulder-Length

6. Eyes

6.1. Large Small Round Bright Narrow Dark Hollow Tear-Filled

7. Height

7.1. Short Medium- Height Tall Dwarf About..... cm tall Or Average height

8. Age

8.1. Young Teenager Middle-Aged Old In her/ his/ early/ mid late 20s, 30s

9. Mouth

9.1. Thin Full lips/ crooked even teeth Large Pursed Rosebud

10. What is he/she like?

10.1. Warm Kind Pleasant Sweet Good- natured Positive Optimistic Cold Unkind Unpleasant Horrible Unfriendly Gloomy Pessimistic

11. Quick reference

11.1. • What does he look like? • What does she look like? • What do I look like? • What do they look like?

12. Quick reference

12.1. Quick reference • What is she/he like? • The answer speaks about the intellectual facts, attitudes, behavior etc • Example: • What is Mr Lee like? • He is a very interesting,intelligent, an honest man.